Menu Planning Made Easy by Marci Ferrell

Menu Planning Made Easy

Gathering the family around the table for dinner has never been so easy. 

How would you like to save time, money and simplify your days?

Meal planning is a task that doesn't take up much time once you've set up a system that works for your family. Menu Planning Made Easy is designed for all you do-it-yourselfers out there. You create your own customized meal plan to accommodate the meals your family loves to eat and you love to cook. Once you set up your customized system, you’ll be meal planning in minutes each week. 

Why Meal Plan?

In just minutes each week you'll save time, money, plan healthier meals for your family and avoid the dreaded question, "What's for Dinner?"

Shop Less

Your trips to the grocery store will be less frequent, money saving and effficient. 


"I was thrilled when I saw Marci had created a menu planning course with her top tips and printables included! I live in the country and there are no "quick trips to the grocery store". So meal planning for me is essential in maintaining my sanity. I have tried a few different methods in the past, but I am absolutely loving what I've learned from this course (especially the favorite meals cheat sheet). I have been using the Marci method for the last few weeks and I am already hooked. Take this course, ladies. Worth every penny!"

Enjoy Family Dinnertime

Our days are busy, and trying to get everyone together for dinner can be a challenge. By simply taking the time to meal plan, you'll be intentional in getting everyone around the table together, eating meals you all enjoy. 


I am finding this course really inspiring and will definitely use a lot of the printables! This will help me get back into the swing of meal planning.
Marci's menu planning course is the best I've seen yet. As a mom of 6 little people, there is a lot of food thrown here. But the fancy planning courses always left me feeling discouraged. Marci's did not!! She proved that menu planning can be easy and suited to everyone's different needs. And I left saying 'Hey, I can actually stick with this.' Such a blessing!

Printable Pack

A huge selection of printables are included to customize your binder to fit your needs. 

Course Length?

Your days are busy, so I want to make the most of your time. The whole video-driven course takes only about an hour to work through. You can easily work through it in one sitting. 

Super Simple Menu Planning that Really Works!!


Super Simple Menu Planning
Welcome & Introduction
5 mins
Lesson 1: Why Meal Plan?
8 mins
Lesson 2: Simple Meal Planning Method
16 mins
Lesson 3: Favorite Tips & Other Ways to Meal Plan
20 mins
Meal Planning PDF Guide
2.28 MB
Menu Planning Binder
A Walk Through Your Binder
10 mins
Meal Planning Binder Printables.pdf
5.5 MB
Favorite Menu Planning Helps


I finally can get dinner on the table without all the stress that used to go into my meal planning. We are eating foods we love and enjoying family dinnertime again!


What's Included with the Super Simple Meal Planning System?

The Super Simple Meal Planning System will lead you step-by-step into creating a personal meal planning system that is customized for your family. It is a 4 lesson video course, with an eBook and printable pack so you can create your own meal planning binder. It starts with an video introduction and gives you some additional resources to aid in your meal planning. 

What Will I Learn in the Course?

You will learn how to create a meal plan that utilizes your favorite family meals and begin to develop the habit of weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly meal planning; Whichever best suits your family's needs. You will have your own personalized, efficient system by the end of the course.  

How Much Does it Cost?

The Super Simple Meal Planning System is only $14.99, and you will save more than that in one week of planning your meals. It comes with a 30 day money back guarantee if you're not satisfied. 

About Marci

I’m Marci from Thankful Homemaker, and my hope is to provide gospel-driven encouragement to Christian homemakers in all their various roles as wives, mother and homemakers. The courses are designed with the spirit of Titus 2 in mind to mentor and spur each other on in the role God has called us to as women.